Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Live: Autumn

Now that Winter is absolutely around us it seems fitting to take a few minutes to look back over the fall. So, let's see how I did on my to do list and my Fall reading list.

The to do list:
  • Take a Walk Along the River - I did and it was beautiful
  • Paint Guest Bedroom - *Sheepishly shaking head* No
  • Listen to Music - This is a cheat, I already listen to a lot of music, but I made time for some extra tunes
  • Finish the Quilt . . . - Nope didn't happen
  • Host a Trick-or-Treating Party - Yes my house was filled with little people in search of treats
  • Organize Bedroom Closet - I forgot this was even on my list until just now, so no it did not happen
  • Go to a Bonfire - I was at two actually
  • Spend Time in the Woods - That sounds creepy, but we do Celebrate Thanksgiving in a house in the woods, so totally counts
  • Eat/Drink Lots of Pumpkin Flavored Stuff - Lattes, muffins and soups, oh my
  • Wear Tights - All the time
The Reading list:

Best read - Gone Girl (Though not a happy read, nor will you like either of the main characters it is very well written)
Skip this one - The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (There is something interesting about the idea behind the book, but the plot is dull)
Swapped - I replaced Apron Anxiety with Julie Andrew's Home (And I'm so glad I did)

Now I'm ready to move onto wintery things! Yay!

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