Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Give: What To Give Your Teenage Sister (or niece or friend)

 Today's installment of gift idea's is inspired by my sister Phoebe. She turned 13 this year and is way cooler than me, but that just happens to be how it goes. Anyway on with the gift list:

1. Cute Heart Sweater - It seems that this J. Crew sweater is sold out, but here are a few similar pullovers from target (hearts all over and not).
2. Note to Self Socks - I love the positive message these socks send every time you slip them on. I'd give I'm perfectly me socks.
3. Bright Blue Satchel - Enough said.

If you don't think you can buy something for her wardrobe may I suggest a little something to watch or read.

4. A favorite teen TV show - I'd go with Veronica Mars, though Gilmore Girls or The OC also rock.
5. A crafty book - If she is going to be home on Christmas break she might as well pick up a new skill, like embroidery.
6. Start a Collection of the Classics - Like the Penguin Classics Northinger Abbey. Best part you now have a go to gift for any occasion.
7. Good films or television - Basically BBC beats Twilight ALL THE TIME.

Finally the fun stuff!

8. Kitten Mittens - No not from this video, but for covering your finger.
9. Baubles - Maybe a funky bracelet.
10. Something fun for her room - Like a hanging Hot Air Balloon.
11. Or a poster for her walls - I love Katie Daisy's work.
12. Perfume - Yes this is Beiber perfume, I know, I know, but whatever!

So there you have it. A round up of what I would give a teenage girl. In fact I am actually giving my sister at least one thing on this list, but I can't tell you what because I know she will read this.

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