Friday, September 14, 2012

Live: Summer Wish List Wrap Up

Well is is with something of a sad heart that I have to admit to myself summer is over. So it is time to review how I did on my Summer Wish List.
  1. Visit my brother's family in Virginia. - done and done! You can read all about my road trip with my sister here
  2. Have a new profile picture taken for the blog (and all my other online haunts). - completed 
  3. Grill out. - we sure did!
  4. Swim. - yep, in a lake and in a river.
  5. Spend a day on Big Water (that would be at one of the lovely Great Lakes). - while I didn't make it our to a Great Lake (I still have hopes for this fall), I did spend a weekend at a lake house with a bunch of my cousins!
  6.  Go to the movies. - let's just say my girlfriends and I made good use of our local multiplexes $5 Wednesdays!
  7. Visit with old friends. - yes and it was so great to see friends I haven't seen for years.
  8. Bake a cake. - This one was completed by the skin of my teeth, over labor day weekend for my mom's birthday.
  9. Go to the fair. - yes and we all fell in love with the miniature donkeys, so cute!
  10. Watch fireworks. - nope 
  11. Paint my front door. - nada
  12. Organize the office. - I'm going to say this one is in progress.
  13. Eat outside. - yes even in this summers killer heat.
  14. Cheer on the Tigers at a game. - sadly I have not made it out to a ball game yet this season.
  15. Visit a big city. - NYC baby. You can read about it here and check out my favorite pictures from the trip here
  16. Take a road trip. - yes x 4. Virginia, Massachusetts, New York City and Pennsylvania. 
  17. Wear a fancy hat. - no, so sad, must start wearing hats!
  18. Drink ice tea. - yes, fave summer drink
  19. Sew. - I tried my hand a making a few skirts,they turned out okay.
  20. Read. - this was sorta a softball entry, I'm always reading.
  21. Walk in a parade. - we did three I think!
  22. Meet new people. - I feel like I've done a lot of that this summer.
  23. Spend time with my family. - yes including a weekend spent with about forty of my relatives at a resort for my cousin's wedding.
  24. Dance. - I attended three weddings this summer and danced like crazy and there were all those living room dance parties I held by myself!
Did you have a summer to do list? How did you fare? 

Next week I'll have my Fall To Do List!

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