Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flower Power: Autumn Dahlias

Shall we talk flowers? Sure! It has been a while!
The other day my friend Kris gave me this beautiful pitcher. I really loved the gold flowers on the white, there is something so classic, but modern about it. Right away I pictured the pitcher filled with flowers and I knew just the flowers to get.
Dahlias are my favorite flowers and this year my mom has a bumper crop, so I headed over to cut a few.
 (Hi awkward picture of my hand, you were taken so everyone could see how massive this flower is!)
After cutting the blooms I laid them all out to get a better idea of what I had to work with. One this about the dinner plate dahlias is that it is hard to get a long stem because they tend to grow with three buds at once each blooming on their own, so unless you are willing to loose a few future blossoms you have to stick with short stems. The other thing that can be a little tricky is that the heads weigh a lot so it is best if you can use the side of your vase to help prop them up.
Next I gather the flowers I will use for the center of the arrangement. I sometimes find it helpful to rubber band the stems together so they hold together nicely in the middle.
Then I plop them down in the vase/vessel. I actually really liked the way the whole thing looked after this step, but I had pictured flowers over flowing from the pitcher, so I kept going.
Here is what I had after I put the last of the flowers in. It might be a little overboard, but I kinda like it.
Hummm, what do you think? Have you been up to any late summer flower picking? 

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  1. That pitcher is divine! And your flower arrangement is BEAUTIFUL...course I do like things to be a bit over the top personally ;-)

    1. Ha! I know you get that over the top thing!


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