Thursday, September 6, 2012

Find: Unraveled Design

Last week I shared a print by Unraveled Design as part of my end of summer Pinterest faves. Well let me tell you that print was just the tip of the iceberg. I am now crushin' hardcore on these bright and encouraging prints and you bet I'm saving my pennies so I can have one hanging in my little house.
I'd put this in a bathroom, it would be a great reminder to be positive as you start your day.
How sweet for a nursery or a college dorm room.
I'm picturing this one in a little girls room or a ballet studio changing room.
And this could really go anywhere. But I think I'd put it by my back door. 

Which one would you take home if you could? Have you stumbled upon any great inspirational art recently?


  1. I LOVE that A.A. Milne quote. I always have. I would have to go with that one and put it in my kids room. :) Libby I just LOVE your taste!!


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