Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make: Flower Globe

Today we have a fun little diy project for you. I been picturing this great ball of flowers for a long time now, but I finally had the chance to sit down and make it over the long weekend. Now in all fairness I think that I should admit that, subconsciously I was inspired by this Shania Twain video (that I hadn't seen in a million years until I looked it up for this post, I thought that dress was amazing when that video came out, clearly the  imagery never left me).
What you'll need:
Paper Lantern - I picked mine up at Ikea
Silk Flowers - I got most of mine from the dollar store (I used more thank pictured here), I also pickup a few bags of faux rose petals (from Ikea)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue - A crafting essental you should already own, but if not you can get them at your local craft store for a few bucks
Wire Cutters or Scissors - not pictured, but you will need these to "break down" the flowers
First: "break down" your flowers by pulling them off the stems and cutting off the bases leaving them as flat on the bottom as possible. Again this is only about half the flowers that I used, but my lantern was pretty large. 
Second: glue flowers onto lantern. I recommend using your largest flowers first and then working in clumps around the lantern filling in the wholes with rose petals and leaves.
Third: string your lantern on a ribbon and hang it wherever you choose. Can't you imagine how great a bunch of these in differing sizes. I keep picturing them at a bridal shower or even a wedding hanging from trees or under a big white tent. You can most likely still use the lantern as a light, though I'm not totally sure how the glue would hold up.
So what do you think? Any flower globes in your future? Did you do any fun projects over the long weekend?


  1. ADORABLE! I once made a flower ball hanging thingy for a bridal shower a million years ago. But mine was just a styrofoam (sp??) ball and dollar tree flowers hot glued on..but same basic idea. :) yours is GORGEOUS

    1. Thanks Mary! You are just too sweet to me and this little blog!


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