Thursday, April 11, 2013

Celebrate: Happy B-Day Lyd!

What can I tell you about my dear cousin Lydia on this her birthday? She is so dear to me, we are friends and family all rolled into one. Last week Lyd gave birth to a sweet baby girl, her sixth child. Little Rosie was born at home and I was honored to be there to help welcome her to the world. That night, as i sat next to Lydia in her bed cooing at this wonderful new person, I thought about how glad i am to be so close to Lydia and her family. We have been around the bend together, we have grown up a little (okay - a lot!) together, we have cried together and laughed together and I can't wait for for all the new things we will do together in the year to come!

So happy birthday my friend! I've been testing out 29 for you and it's not so bad!

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