Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watch: Post Downton

(image from Lady Mary)

Now that the third season of Downton has finished are you going through a little withdrawal? Are you just feeling a little sad? We my friends I have a few recommendations to help with the pain.
If you . . .

Are really into the writing, watch Julian Fellows' feature film Gosford Park, bonus it includes the delightful Maggie Smith playing a very Violet like lady. 

Need more Mr. Bates in your life, check out Lark Rise to Candleford

Want to see more of Matthew and Mary together, even if they aren't Matthew and Mary: In their pre-Downton days Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery were in the BBC mini series presentation of The Turn of The Screw (you can't seem to find this on DVD, but you can find it in parts on YouTube).

Love Anna the very, very, very most, watch a younger Joanne Froggett in Island At War

Are really excited about the addition of Rose and spending more time enjoying the roaring 20s, try watching Bright Young Things

Would actually like a break from all things Downton, join me in watching Hart of Dixie, it is nothing like Downton!

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