Monday, February 11, 2013

Today Was Something Good

I don't write a lot of post about my daily life, I just don't, but today was to good not to write it down. Maybe it is because I put on my favorite cashmere sweater or maybe it is because I left my phone at home, but I think it is more likely because:
Church was lovely, baptisms and singing and seeing people I love.
I played a game with my mom and a few siblings in the middle of the afternoon.
For just a minute as I was walking out side, it smelled like grass (miss the smell of grass).
I held my baby niece for a long time while she slept and she was warm and tiny and perfect.
We had family diner, made by my mom, my sister and me.
And  now the snow is sparkling in the moon light.
That is it, just a wonderful, regular, nothing special day!


  1. This day sounds totally wonderful! I love it when otherwise ordinary days turn into special ones :)


    1. I always say that when I have lived a nice long life I hope I can say that it isn't just the big important days, but a bunch of small ones that really mattered!


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