Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Order: Bathroom Storage 3 Ways

I know that a lot of us resolve to be more organized in the New Year, it is one of my 2013 goals for sure. So I am going to have a few posts this month on ways to organize your home, that will, I hope, inspire you as they do me to get your stuff in order. I don't really claim to be an expert (or really all that great) about anything, but I do think I am pretty good at coming up with stylish storage options. And after years of living in little apartments with tiny bathrooms, you know I have a few bathroom storage tricks up my sleeve. I think you will find that these three ideas sure beat those plastic storage shelves we all had in our dorm bathrooms. Get ready for lots of pictures of the back of my toilet! And bonus points if you can spot the picture taken with my old camera.

#1 Is a collected look that is as much about decorating as it is about storing. The idea behind it is simple, pull the prettiest things out of your medicine cabinet and put them on display. Use a tray, like this mirrored one I found for a few bucks at the thrift store. I also used a votive holder to contain q-tips, a vintage candy dish to hold cotton balls and shallow dish for jewelry. And flowers, perfume bottles and candles always equal pretty.

#2 If you live in a place that, like my first "grown-up" apartment, doesn't have a medicine cabinet you might need a little more practical storage than the first idea. So for this one I pulled out a box to hold make up or medication or whatever else you might want to hide away, a few glass jars for your toothbrush and paste and hairbrush and for a little color I added a bright mug that I popped a cute pink cactus in. The jars are just regular canning jars you can pick up at the grocery store, the mug is another thrift store find and the box I picked up a few years ago at Target, but you can find boxes like this at places like Pier One and World Market all the time.

#3 If having your toothbrush out in the open creeps you out and scalloped boxes and flowers are a little girly for your taste I give you a more simple and less cutesy option. I love this ceramic paper bag, mine came from (you guessed it) the thrift store, but a quick Esty search turned up this cute option. I have stashed the toothbrush and paste in the Wheaties tin, this one was a gift, but I have seen similar ones at Homegoods. Finally because I still think you need something to make the room a little softer, I put a white candle in this glass jar that, I think, once held olives.

Bonus picture of what the back of my toilet actually looks like. My bathroom had quite a bit of storage so I don't really need to use the space to house my veracious toiletries, but you can see I use items from all three of the above photos in my everyday life, including the paper bag hair brush holder on the edge of the sink!

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