Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eat: Pomelo

Back at the beginning of the month I said that I had Citrus Fruit on the mind, so much so that I have been stocking up every time I go to the store. With that in mind, I thought throughout the month I'd share my adventures in citrus with you. The availability of fresh grapefruits and oranges is one of my favorite things about winter, but today I am trying out a fruit I have never had be for the giant Pomelo.

After a quick unscientific google search I learned that  Pomelo is a Southeast Asian fruit similar to a grapefruit. I wasn't sure how you were supposed to eat the fruit so I decided to just peal it, as I would a grapefruit. The rind of the Pomelo is very thick and it took two rounds of pealing to get at the flesh of the fruit. For an idea of how large this fruit is, click here for a picture of a cat wearing the rind of a Pomelo as a hat (I'm not kidding). According to what I could find most Pomelos have yellow flesh (Am I the only feeling a little bit Walking Dead-ish with all the references to eating flesh?), but mine was a lovely light pink with a lighter brighter scent then grapefruits. Now for the part that you have been waiting for, the taste. To be honest I wasn't crazy about how the fruit tasted. It was more mild than I would have liked and kinda sour. In the end I sprinkled some sugar in the raw over top and thought that the added sweetness and crunch really went a long way. So, while it is always fun to try a new food, I think I'll stick with my old friends oranges and grapefruits from now on.

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