Thursday, January 10, 2013

Make: Puffed Pup Sweater

I have started operation Use Up Stash Yarn and I kicked things off with the silliest crochet project I have ever made. A sweater for Amelia, because she is a red head I thought that this gorgeous coral yarn would look great on her and I have a bunch of cream wool so that was an easy pairing.

The pattern is a modification of the Woody Dog Coat from Vintage Crochet. Because Amelia is longer than most dogs her size I added some length to the sweater and I also made the chest piece a little larger. Also the pattern has you button the bottom panel into place, but I knew that our dog would never leave buttons alone, so I just crochet the two piece together. Over all this was a quick and fun project and a great way to use up some of the wool I've had squirreled away.

And one last picture of the pup licking her lips! So much cuteness!

Do you have any knit or crochet projects in the works? Do share!

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