Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Live: Tips For Being Optimistic

Generally speaking I'm what you would call an optimist. I'm a cup half full, my grass is green enough, everything is going to be okay and yes, a look on the sunny side kinda girl. And I think I'm better for it. Yes I think some of my optimism comes from my natural disposition, I also know that some of it comes from the way I choose to approach life. So, here are a few of my tricks to keep on the sunny side of life.

  1. Be grateful for small things, be grateful for the big things too, but start with the small. I know that I find once I start thinking of all the things no matter how small I am happy to have or experience in a day my mood is lifted.
  2. Be friendly. When you go to the store don't just thank the check out girl, thank every employee you interact with. Say hello to your neighbor when you are out walking the dog. Wave to the person crossing the street in front of you. See the friendly way people respond always helps me see the good in people.
  3. Don't compare yourself and your life with others. I try very hard to not compare my life to the lives of others, not only do you waste your time wishing things were different for you it also fuels the flames of jealous  self hate and pessimism. 
  4. Give yourself and everyone else a break. You don't have to be on 100% of the time it is okay to mess up, just don't let your day be ruined when you are off your game.
  5. Laugh. If that means listening to a radio program you enjoy or talking to your toddler niece on the phone laughter makes things seem better, it just does.
  6. Pray. Ask for up lifting thoughts to flood your mind and give thanks for all the ways your needs have already been met.
  7. Practice. I really think that optimism can be learned. The next time you find yourself in one of those situations where your mind goes straight to everything wrong try taking a step back and looking at the good that can come out of that situation.
Are you an optimist? What do you do to keep yourself on track? I'm always looking for ways to live a better, happier, more satisfying life so please share!

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