Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Live: DIY Wes Anderson Lifestyle

Hi friends! I have an idea, let's play a fun game of how to style your life like a Wes Anderson film! Now I'm just going to get this out of the way, I love Wes Anderson's movies (The Darjeeling Limited is my favorite, though I very much enjoyed this summer's Moonrise Kingdom), so know this is all in good fun I'm not just making funny of hipsters (at least not in today's post). Okay, shall we get started.

Step One: What not to wear
If you are going to pass for one of Wes' peeps you are going to need a look. You could go with a uniform, like Scout Master Randy Ward and the rest of the Khaki Scouts or the crew of the Belafonte, but I would suggest you go with something a little easier - just dress in different clothes that all look the same every single day, like Margot Tenenbaum or Mr. Anderson himself. For our project we are going with novelty animal themed sweaters like the cat, dog and fox ones above (fear not, I was able to find half a dozen of these sweaters in less than three minutes) and a jean, wool or corduroy skirt (note: your skit should look like it came from an advertisement for back to school shopping from 1972).

Step Two: Location Location Location
Next you are going to need a place to house your wacky, but lovable cast of characters. May I suggest you try this beauty, with ten bedrooms and the low low asking price of $80,000 she should do the trick (here is where I tell you that I always really connect with the oddly grand, but very lived in home of the Anderson films, I grew up in an oddly grand and very lived in house complete with a wood paneled library, a large main floor bathroom with a stall, a room we called the game room - but you would call it a bar and a 1940's intercom system, so those houses always seem like home to me). And don't worry Detroit is making a comeback.

Step Three: In which you fill your house
The number one rule of living in one of Wes Anderson's worlds it that you may not use modern technology. No iPhones or notebook computers for you. Do you want to write a book, try banging it out of this Smith Corona Typewriter. Need to sew yourself a new skirt, you will want this minty sewing machine. Wanna watch a movie? Better pull out your vintage movie projector. And don't forget to set the alarm on your Sessions clock. It goes so nicely with your power blue phone that you use to talk to all your friends when you aren't listening to music with these lovely blue headphones.

Step Four: What do you do all day?
Finally you are going to need something to occupy your time. And sure you will take a big adventure or two, but what are you to do on your days off? If I were you I'd pick up a hobby and not just any boring old thing like knitting or sky diving, no you should find something really fun. Like raising a pair Pygmy Hippopotamuses. All the better if they live in a totally amazing Moorish subterranean pool area.

So there you have it. Just complete these four simple steps and you will be on your way to a life of whimsy and wonder, just like the good Mr. Anderson intended!

Image of the James Couzen's House from here.
The sweaters are from ModCloth and they have a million more.
The pool is part of this list of Spectacular Swimming Pools.
The top image from Moonrise Kindgom is via pilly.com.

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