Friday, October 26, 2012

Celebrate: Trick or Treat Party

When it comes to Halloween I am firmly in the fun night for kids to dress up and get free candy camp. And I happen to live in a great Trick or Treating Neighborhood so for the past few years I have hosted a low key Trick or Treating Party. Better than a big costume Halloween party the Trick or Treat party is just about relaxing and passing out candy to cute becostumed kids!
Decorating your house is key. I am not really into creepy or nasty stuff, so I stick with Spiders, Bats and Orange Twinkly Lights. Also I personally find Spiders and Bats terrifying (especially bats, oh the swooping - though look at their cute faces) you can draw inspiration from the homes above the bats are fun with out being crazy over the top and I'm obsessed with the giant spider taking up residence at this townhouse.

 This year for my pumpkins (which I am carving this weekend) I am going to go with something like these sweet pumpkin fairy houses.
After the house is all spooky and fun it is time to get some grub together. My recommendation is to stay away from sweets (their will be plenty of candy), stick with popcorn, spiderweb pizza and a mummy or two.
For some added fun I like to have masks or fun headbands for the grown ups to wear while they are out walking the kids around or at home passing out candy. Just add some spooky music and enjoy your night!

So are you going to be entertaining any trick or treats next week? I'd love to hear about your plans for all hallows eve!

P.S. World's cutest bat costumes!

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