Monday, October 18, 2010

What I hope for is this . . .

  • finish my ripple scarf
  • make carmel apples
  • stop smelling like a dentists office (why does that smell just stick with you?)
  • spend a lot of time laughing with these girls!
  • do some christmas shopping
  • clean up my front yard
  • make my house look a little less like I haven't done anything in a week
  • paint my toe nails
  • get started on a new book

My oh my two posts in one day what shall I do with myself? I am back again because I didn't wanted wait until next week to kick off my new weekly instalments of my list of goals. Each Monday I intend to post little list of hopes for the week and recap how I did on the last weeks list. I find that I do best when I lay out exactly what I want to get done in a period of time. Anyway here we go. Please leave a comment with something(s) you hope to get done this week.


  1. Your list sounds perfect! Mine is not nearly as fun: cleaning all week for company coming next Monday. I am hoping to get my hair chopped though, that is exciting!! Have a great time with your girlies!

  2. nothing I want to post, but I have read 5 great books since end of July. Let me know if you need recommendations. ef


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