Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch - Glee's Emma Pillsberry

From the first time I saw the show Glee I knew I was going to love two things, fun musical numbers and Emma Pillsberry's clothes.

Now that Glee is in its second season, I'm still on the fence with the show most weeks, but Emma's clothes rarely miss the mark. Case in point this cute Eiffel Tower sweater.
She does my favorite look, cardigan + skirt so well.
I very very much want a telephone broach like this one. I think that after Penelope Emma's is the closest to my personal style. I too start 90% of my outfits with a cardigan and build from there. I also where skirts most of the time. Plus I don't have any shoe shots, but she is a fan of the Mary Jane's my own personal favorite form of footwear!
I love the sweater with all the detailing, but I'm not really crazy about the big bow.
Her look 100 % inspired me to add sweater guards/chains into my wardrobe. I now have three and wear them all the time. I'm not much of a necklace wearer so I like the little bling they provide.
Ah the Marc Jacob dress I am so in love with.
I have got to try more purple.

She does the monocromantic thing so well. It makes me wish I had more skirts in a rainbow of colors. I think the top and bottom are the same skirt in different colors.

I just wanted to show some examples of how she works patterns into her look. (Though again with the bow)
Finally I'm going to leave you with a cute green coat - I love a green coat!
All images are from the very addictive WWEPW (what would emma pillsberry wear?) visit only if you have the time to be sucked into the blog world.

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