Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I did and didn't do

Oh dear we have only just started and I am already late. A friend of mine passed away this weekend and I spent most of my extra time on Monday with family and friends in celebration of her life. But now I'm ready to look at what I did and didn't get done.

finish my ripple scarf - check you can see the finished project above!
make caramel apples - yes also accomplished
stop smelling like a dentists office (why does that smell just stick with you?) - kinda
spend a lot of time laughing with these girls! -check and check we had a great weekend together
do some Christmas shopping - fail, all I did was buy stuff for myself
clean up my front yard - again fail this week it must get done
make my house look a little less like I haven't done anything in a week - okay on this one
paint my toe nails - check
get started on a new book - started one at Karin's can't remember what it is now though

Okay now for this week:

  • Rejoice

  • Fix my porch light

  • buy a new fridge

  • Again start a new book

  • make some progress on a special Birthday related project

  • finally organize the craft room/office

  • rake the leaves

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