Sunday, January 15, 2012

Watch: A Hospital Comes to Downton

(That picture of Mary is from the first episode, but I just loved it so I'm using it here)
Dare I say last weeks episode was a little to much Downton - I found it hard to follow exactly where we were in time. This week it was much easier to follow. So lets see the highlights. Mr Bates! Couple of the week Anna and Mr. Bates for the win! Oh Branson I can't say that I'm sorry he will not be going off to war or jail, some how I have a feeling that he is going to make it work with Sybil. But the real surprise of the episode for me was Edith. Girl is really coming into her own and becoming almost lovable!


  1. watch again. it is much better the second time. and it begins to make more sense throughout the next few episodes.... PS- keyword wih Edith "almost" lovable .

  2. @Kimmy I have a feeling that Edith isn't going to make it through the season in this current pleasant state.

  3. Is this a new series? Where do I find it?


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