Monday, January 9, 2012

Watch: Downton is Back!

I'm sure I'm not alone in my joy at the return of one of the best shows on television Downton Abbey. Last week my facebook was full of Downton chat so I thought it might be fun to post about with season's episodes. Episode one was long and I'm still a little unsure of how much time passed over the episode (and the time between the two seasons for that matter), so I thought I'd just throw out a few of my thoughts and beg you to join in on the conversation.

Did you notice how pretty everyone looked, either the actors have been spending some major time on their beauty treatments or they have some kind of make everyone gorgeous filter. And while we are on the topic of how things looked on the show and not on the actual plot, I loved Mary's walking dress and Isobel's chairs and matching curtains. Oh and how hansom is Matthew in his uniform?!? But what was with those horrid flesh colored gloves the ladies were wearing - yuck.

Okay on to the good stuff:
Loved Violet she was just as snappy as ever and in some ways she seems to be handling the changes that the war has brought better than anyone.

Ethel - at first I thought I would hate her, but she is actually kinda sweet and O'Brian's jokes while mean were funny.

Now Vera I actually hate her, end of story I think she is totally going to be the Thomas of this season. And Thomas, man what is going to happen with that guy?

Lots of good stuff with Sybil I think being a nurse will be good for her. I think she will end up marring Branson, don't you?

And while we are on the topic of marriage I can't even start to talk about Anna and Bates so up setting.

Well and talking about up setting topics, I don't know if I can handle another whole season of Mary-Matthew not being on the same page. I mean come on they are so in lurve.

It is getting late, but I wanted to say that Edith almost had me this episode, I think I liked her better than I ever did in the first season. Then she had to go and kiss that farmer, that girl really can't pick 'em can she?

So did anyone else watch last night (or online months ago)? What did you like? What did you hate? Do you think Matthew and Lavinia will actually say "I do"? Will William make it home from war? Will Daisy fall in love with him? Do you have a tiny bit of a crush on Mr. Carson? I know I do!

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