Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clean slate

One of the things I love about putting away the Christmas decoration is all the clear surfaces left behind. Not because I like clean, empty surfaces, but because it is a fresh start to fill up! So this past weekend with all the Christmas things boxed away for another year I took on the major task of filling the top of my massive record player (left behind by the last owner of my house).
I thought some of my milk glass and the green depression glass from my Grandma would make a good combo. I think I was right, but I have something else in mind for the milk glass so on to the next idea.
My second thought was to gather a bunch of elephants from around the house. Believe it or not these aren't even all the elephants that I have. My Grandpa had a great big collection of elephants that resided on his mantel so this gave me a nice nostalgic feeling of glee. Needless to say I really liked this look and tried it a few ways, with all the elephants facing forward.
I also tied this look - but it was a little "elephants on parade".
And finally all mixed around, but I decided that all the elephants together might be to tempting for little hands and because I'd like to keep all my pachyderms I moved on to idea number thee.
In the end I when with this. I pulled out my trusty silver picture frames and a nomadic collection of vintage cameras that move around my house like they are trying to use up frequent flyer miles before the airline goes under. Have you been making any tiny changes around your home for the new year? Do you think I should have gone with the elephants? Do you like nice clean spaces or are you a filler like me?

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