Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sounds like 1995 around here

Last night I watched one of my all time favorite movies, Empire Records. And now I have the sounds of 1995 echoing through my mine. In 1995 I was in the 7th grade and spent far to much time hanging out in my bedroom listening to The Planet 96.3 the radio station that brought cool new alternative music to all us kids in the metro Detroit area. I think the only time in my life that music was more important to my every day life was college. To my 7th grade self knowing every word to every song and every song on every album was vital.

Here is a play list of my fave songs from the Empire Records sound tack, the ones sending me down memory lane. To this day if any of these songs come on the radio I will turn them up and sing along with a giddy little smile and remember what it was like to be in middle school just discovering how music would shape my life.

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