Sunday, January 5, 2014

Read, Walk, Make, Live or Hello 2014!

Okay friends lets just get this out of the way, 2013 was not my favorite. Let's just say that I think I cried more days than not last year, so I'm really glad to let it go. But as Mr. Lewis wrote "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind" (my January theme). So it is onward and upward to better things for 2014. This year I'm being intentional and setting focus attainable goals for myself.

I knew that if I really wanted to be successful this year I needed to be focused in my goal setting. After thinking it through I came up with my 2014 plan, I'm setting 4 monthly goals based on the following words.
Read: For me read is a way of summing up learning. So it could be taking a class, learning a new skill or actually reading a book.

Walk: My word to encompass health and fitness. Working out, meditating or eating raw all fall into this category.
Make: The catch all project goal. Maybe I'll make a quilt or build a shelf or organize the heck out of my closets.
Live: It is about creating a better happier life. Visiting a friend, trips to the park or sister dates to the movies.

Ahh it feels good to have a plan. I'm sure a huge part of why I couldn't get ahead in 2013 is that I didn't set concrete goals and was kinda just floating along. And let me tell you folks the time for floating along is gone!

Finally this blog and you my readers are part of the plan. The first Sunday of every month is share the goals day. So to get things started here are my January goals
Read - Sewing class. I spent hours and hours helping my mom sew costumes in November and December and to return the favor she is going to help me up my sewing game, were talking zippers and pockets and darts. Oh My!
Walk - I'm 30 and it is time to figure out a vitamin plan (and stick to it) so this month I'm trying to build the foundation for the rest of my life and really get into the vitamin habit. And for good measure I'm going to toss a little detox in there too, not sure yet if I'll do a one, three or seven day one.
Make - This month is all about getting my house in order. I've been in my house for almost 4 years now and it is time to dejunk, so my January project is to get each room in my house down to a good base to build on.
Live - I'm taking myself on a trip to the Art Museum! It has been ages and what better time to go than when it is to cold to play outside?

Well there you have it, my plan to OWN 2014!

P.S. A few resources to help you get your 2014 off to a great start.
- 53 Inspiring Quotes
- 8 Ideas for a More Authentic, Joyful Home This Year (I really like #1 & #7)
- The Unstuck App
- Personal Victory Starter Kit (similar idea as my 2014 plan)

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