Monday, December 12, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like . . .

We have had our first real snow of the season, it was the perfect kind of snow, you know those big beautiful flakes that stick to tree branches and make the whole world look a little more magical. Love that, just love it. Meanwhile things are starting to look fairly Christmas-y around my little house I've put up my new white tree (squeal! so cute!) I'm going to share a few other Christmas project this week - for real I finally feel like I'm coming out the other side of this cold from hell two and a half weeks later so I think I can finally get my act together to take photos when the light is still good (so hard when it gets dark at about 5 o'clock). But to hold you over I thought today I'd pull together a little list of fun Christmas things.

1. Remember when I was all: "I'm putting together gift guides for guys" and then did nothing? You don't oh good, but incase you do remember and are still hoping for a little shopping insterpation, I'm hoping to meet you halfway. I'm not going to pull together the gift guides, but I will share the Pinterest boards I was using to organize things. So here, here, here and here you go.

2. While we are on the topics of gifts I wanted to point you to a wonderful gift idea, one that is so great I only wish I had someone on my list that I could buy one for. Not only are these Hearts4Hearts girls dolls very cute a portion of the sale of each doll goes to work that World Vision is doing the country that the doll's character is from.

3. And you know while we are on the topic of World Vision, if you are stumped on what to get that person who has everything maybe the gift of an animal, an education or clean water to a child in need. I receive the World Vision catalog every year, but this is the first year I have gifted anything. (And for a gift that would be good anytime of year, my cousin Lydia and I were just talking about how this little goat stuffed animal and the gift of a goat to a child in the babies name would be a great baby shower gift.)

4. The Girls with Glasses Show has put out another Chirstmas song/video this year, it is cute, but I still really love this one from last year:

5. Later this week I'm going to post my 12 favorite Christmas movies. The Flight Before Christmas will not be on the list, after helping my mom decorate and clean on Saturday my sister and I watched this movie, because we were just to tired to find something else. It is the worst ever!

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