Saturday, October 8, 2011

This week - I'm in love

Image from Craft Cabin that has nothing to do with this post!
Friends, I am totally falling in love with this Michigan fall! This happens to me every year about this time, October washes away all the ill will of cold snowy winters and hot sticky summers. I'm telling you I can not get enough time out side gazing at sun kissed trees and listening to the crunch of leafs. Loving it, loving it, loving it! Okay anyway onto this week's round up:
  • Is it bad that I want an iPhone this week, not because of Apple's big announcement about whatever new things their phones are doing that I never knew I needed a phone to do, but because I really want to have a phone with a cross stitched case?
  • What is your favorite animal? Clearly I love the elephants!
  • You know that I'm a crocheter and I love it, but I'm not the best teacher so I was super happy to find that Craftyminx was running a Crochet School that I can point everyone who wants to learn to.
  • Hey are you on Pinterest? No! Why not? This week I rounded up my fave pins!
  • I've started a new book of the month. So far loving it!
So do you have big plans for the weekend? I'm planning on spending lots more time snuggling with a fat little friend. Yep the worlds chubbiest nephew has come to Ypsi for a little visit (oh and he brought his mom and sister along too!)!


  1. Yay Libby! I love everything on your blog! And I miss you!


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