Monday, May 16, 2011

I've lived there

No before and after today (I say this every week maybe I should just drop them), but rather a tour through the places I have lived in my post college I no longer share a bathroom with 5 other girls years.
The first two images are from my very little apartment in Grand Rapids, I don't think I have a picture of the livingroom/bedroom/everythingroom (sad), but I do love that bathroom and the kitchen had the tiniest sink ever. The two frames with the four pictures of me, my cousins Lydia and Hannah and our friend Mel have hung in the bathroom of everyone of the places in the post, I love them so much.
Yellow bedroom in my Ypsi apartment, I have been lucky to have great south facing windows in every bedroom that I've had so I get lots of morning sunshine!
Apartment living room right after I moved in with my beloved pink plaid chairs, they are looking a little ragged these days, but I can't get them recovered until I can find the perfect pink plaid because I love them just they way they are!
Another yellow bedroom (every bedroom I have ever picked the paint for has been painted yellow, I had a light pink and yellow bedroom in middle school as well).
I love this corner of my kitchen can't get enough of that hot air balloon mobile.
Well I hope you've enjoyed this little virtual tour. I think it is fun to see a personal style evolve.


  1. I love how every apt you've had captures the essence of "Libby", cute, beautiful, stylish, sweet, feminine, fun.... I love it. :)

  2. Oh man, I've lived in some ugly places. Here's hoping that things can only go up from here.


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