Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bee Somebody

So when I was looking at houses I came close to buying one with this giant back yard, like huge back yard. I of course had big plans for that yard, it had a sweet little garden shed and I started imagining hammocks, pic-nick tables, tire swings and bee hives. I'd say I was more than a little inspired by Chuck's fantastic roof top apiary. I didn't end up with that house and I don't think there is beekeeping in my future, but that doesn't mean I can't bring a little bee inspiration into my life.

Kate Spade bee sweater (first spotted on Emma Pillsberry), fun fact I have been totally inspired by this sweater and have a baby sweater pattern I'm working on with a bee theme.
Couldn't you see a sweet skirt or a little girls dress made out of this Micheal Miller fabric?!
How joyful to have your morning tea out of this little pot.
With muffins served on this plate!
I love charm bracelets so much, look for a charm bracelet post sometime in the next few weeks.
How about a honeycomb necklace, so sweet!
What can I say how could I not love a bee brooch.
And wouldn't we all like some honey cake made in this awesome mold.
Thanks for Buzzing by today. Check out more bee inspired stuff over on my "I'm a Gonna Bee" board on pinterest.
Click on any image to find where to buy these lovely items.


  1. yeah, I saw that fabric a few months ago and knew I needed to make it into something for my new baby. Maybe some quick change pants? So cute!!

  2. Ah bees ! what would we do without them? Great collection, embroidery idea to fabric to jewelry everything !


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