Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A small little industial row

Here is the thing I love tiny little items. Who owns a set of mini pewter chairs? That would be me. How about a collection of itty bitty marble elephants, yep this girl. So I of course instantly fell in love with these mini factory sculptures from PearsonMaron.

If I didn't already have a soft spot for miniatures, I think I would have fallen in love with the whimsical idea of these tiny factories manufacturing love, luck and innovation.

Ideas do keep us moving a long don't they.

Cuteness is blooming here!

(I was going to make a joke about being able to say "I make love for a living", but that doesn't seem like the kinda thing you would find on my blog does it.)

As if I didn't already have slight balloon obsession, this would put me over the edge!

I have just the place for these little guys. Maybe I should do some little Christmas shopping for me!
(Did you notice all the exclamation marks? See what major cuteness does to me!!!)

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