Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Now that is is November I feel free to start talking about Christmas, if it isn't on you horizon yet it is time to start thinking about it. I am very behind this year. Most years by this time I am in the home stretch when it come to gift giving, but some how here we are November 3rd and I still have over half my shopping to do (can you hear the little gift giving part of me very quietly screaming from where you are?). While I am lamenting my lacks-a-daiseyness it has accrued to me that there is an up side, I can actually get some tips from all those great gift giving guides that Blogs and Magazines start doing at this time of year.

To get things started I encourage you to check out Gifted Magazine online for some ideas and some good diy Christmas decorations. The gift guides that have been pulled together remind me so much of the great guides that Bluepint would put out each year. I really love the books and calendar section (I have actually been cooking up a calendar round up of my own for a little closer to the new year).

Check it out and let me know if you are going to use anything (gift idea, dyi project, one of the super cute party dresses!) from the mag for your Holiday Celebration. And check back here every Wednesday for little bits of Christmas/Holiday readiness. On tap for next week Stockings! Man I love Christmas!

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  1. I'm hoping to sew what's left on my gift list. I was able to use a few groupons to buy all of the guy gifts that I need. Now it's sister & mom gifts that I need to focus on! Thank you SO much for leaving that comment on my blog about attic 24 & ravelry. My mom just suggested attic 24 to me this morning! :)


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