Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Bedroom Before and After

The time has finally come my friends to show off the first almost totally made over space at the little house! I had a party on Friday night so everything was whipped into a some what acceptable shape so forty people could parade through and peek into my rooms and wonder why I can't seem to pick paint colors.

So do you remember these pictures, it seems like a million years ago that my bedroom was in this state (it was six months ago to be exact), seeing these two images takes me right back to that first time I walked through the house trying to imagine my life here around all that junk.

In progress:
First the stuff was removed.
The walls were washed and the carpet was pulled up.
This was the only room that I picked up only one possible paint color for.
My dad was very devoted to painting the room. We spent a few fun afternoons listening to the NPR weekend line up - with my fave "This American Life" and his fave "American Roots".
My brother James moved my bed for me twice, once when I bought it at our local Saturday morning charity sale and then again when the room was ready. My sister Phoebe and my dad set it up one night while I was out, again lovely family members have made the move/make over of this little house possible.

So here it is my sunny room.

The dresser was one of the finds left in the mess of the house when I bought it. The drawers are a little stiff and it is a little scraped up, but that is how I like things anyway.
The only real down side to making the attic bedroom mine is the small funny closet. It just means I have to be good about hanging stuff up and not letting laundry collect at the bottom.
Here is the reading nook at the top of the stair, you can't see this but there is another window just to the side of this space that makes it a nice cozy spot to sit down with a book or some paper work and a cup of tea.
Finally the bed in all her glory. There is nothing like waking up with the sun pouring in the South facing windows reflecting off the yellow walls. The bedding is a few years old and from Anthro, the hope chest to the side was a birthday gift from my parents last year. The pictures are vintage bird pictures that my aunt found in the living room the night that I closed on the house and the crate that I am using as a night stand was another item salvaged from the junk collecting in the house.
Okay I hope you have enjoyed the before and after. My wonderful friend Beth said this weekend that the picture don't do it justice - but I think that might be because she is a loving and supportive friend and likes to feed my ego! We all need friends like that!
Happy Week!


  1. Beautiful! Nice job and great that you took before photos so you can appreciate your accomplishment! I always forget the before photos.

  2. I love your house! :)

    I have had a lot of fun making our little house our own...the next owner may not like my light green living room walls, under the sea play room or valentines day fabric curtains, but to me they make my house into our home <3

    Your house is absolutely adorable!


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