Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To perch on a porch

I've been thinking and pondering and thinking some more about a little bistro set for my front porch (you remember the dilapidated one). I had settled on this very basic - read boring - set from Aco of all places, when I happened upon this set at K-Mart on my lunch break today. I am smitten, they are just the right mix of practical and whimsy. Defiantly number one on my "little house wish list" that isn't little at all.


  1. These are REALLY cute! Don't settle... wait until they go on clearance and then pounce! :)

  2. Good think NO ONE seems to ever shop at that KMart so they are sure to have it once the sales start in earnest.

  3. I agree, K mart clearances out stuff fast!!!


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