Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Live: German Park

Three times a summer The German Park Recreation Club hosts picnics on their lovely 20 acre property north of Ann Arbor. I went out to the July picnic with some friends (and family) and we had such a good time, I felt I would be remiss to not tell you all about it and remind you that you can still enjoy the last picnic of the season this Saturday.

What to do at German Park:

  • Bring Friends - This is one of those places where it really is the more the merrier. 
  • Watch the German Dancing - My favorite part of the evening every time.
  • Drink Beer - Yummy German beer, bought by the bucket or Rootbeer for the kiddies
  • Eat German Food - Bratwurst, Saurkraut, Spaetzle and Pretzels.
  • Bring Cash - For the Brats and the Beer!
  • Be Prepared - For rain, bugs or cool weather.
  • Dance A Polka - With your dad or anyone else.
  • Bring Cards - Or a game to play.
  • Have Fun - Lots and lots of fun!

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