Thursday, August 15, 2013

Inspire: August 2013

Every month I pull together a list of some of my favorite things from around the web. Here is what I'm diggin' this month!

Live: I love this video about the Proudy family and their very big adventure.

Share: This is my favorite Pinerest board ever!

Listen: I can't get enough of this song lately (like I listen to it 7 times in a row), perfect mix of happy and sad and love and lost and well, a little bit of everything.

Find: Do you want to go thrifting today? Start here.

Read: My, my introverts are so popular right now, read about a few introvert myths here


  1. Stopping into to say hi via Lydia' blog :)

    Love that pinterest board and that song, it is now playing for the second time as I type this.

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Isn't that song great?!? I just love it.


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