Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rest . . .

This here blog has been a little quiet over the last few weeks. The best word to describe these last few weeks is rest (with a few suffixes for good measure).

  • I spent a great weekend with a few of my college friends, Beth and Karin, at the beginning of November. It is so enjoyable to just hang out drinking coffee and laughing with those girls. 
  • I've been rewatching season three of Gilmore Girls (with season four waiting in the wings). I continue to be tickled pink, by things like Jon Hamm popping up as Lorelai's boring date.
  • Winter is banging on our doors and I am ready to pull out the down comforters and handmade quilts.
  • I spent most of the last week living with my sister while my parents were out of town. I can't tell you how glad I am to be moving back into my own home.
  • I have a few projects I hope to finish up by the end of this year, but I have 2013 on my mind and all the great things I plan to do with that year. So glad I have Thanksgiving and Christmas to distract me.
  • I just finished up watching season two of The Walking Dead. Now I'm just thinking about how I can get my mitts on the already aired season three episodes.
Am I the only one who feels a little restless this time of year? Or do you feel the same way too?

P.S. This little person is three today. Much love to my niece Evie!

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