Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Live: Walk

 You want to take a little walk with me and Amelia (the dog) around my parents neighborhood? Oh good. Let's go!
 This squirrel was not very happy to see us. He just yelled and yelled.
 A movie was filmed here over a year ago. And it has been sitting empty ever since.
 This block has the prettiest out buildings, which make for the best allies.
 Another house used in a different movie.
 One of my all time favorite houses, painted a sunny yellow with a darling sun room.
 Old neighborhoods have the best sidewalks.
 One of many crooks and crannies that my friends and I loved to ride our bikes down when we where kids.
 I have always loved that pea green building downtown.
Back home again.
Bonus: Not only did I get to take a nice walk on a beautiful fall day, I ran into two of my cousins (one home for Thanksgiving) while out. There is nothing like being in your own neck of the woods.

Oh and if you couldn't tell, I am officially an Instagram user. You can find me here. Don't worry it isn't all highly documented walks, there are twinkle lights too.

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