Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have been thinking about mail today. I have a little project that I am going to be starting that will involve sending letters among other things and realizing that I after almost a year I know what my address will be for what I hope is a good while.
So address labels are surely needed - see how my mind works I must have cute address labels (all of these labels are from tiny prints). I think that I am kinda in love with the sweet silhouette stamp at top. So cute!

I guess I am just letting myself be distracted after my very long week that I am still recovering from three days later. Oh well I'm off to line dresser drawers with pretty flowered wrapping paper. Small joys!


  1. cute ideas!! a permanent address is like the farthest thing from our life right now, unfortunately. you are lucky. i cannot wait to see your new home in August. I love how you decorate, libby style. you must be so happy to have a whole house to call your own and do whatever you want!

  2. cute labels! how will you decide? if you're like me, the fun of choosing will become a bit painstaking when you realize you really can't, and then making the decision feels like losing a friend (in label form), haha.

  3. I know tuff call.
    Thanks for your comments girls!


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