Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Give me Liberty

Gosh sorry about all the bad puns and cheesy ripoffs I've been using lately, but I always have loved puns!
Now the real subject of the post the much anticipated, by me anyway, Liberty of London line has arrived at Target. And sadly from what I can tell most has also departed. When I stumbled on it Sunday I ran into women with carts full of patterned goodness. Then when another shopper told me they were already totally sold out of most of the home goods online, I just had to snag a few things. I picked up the small frame at the top of the post as well as the shade on the lamp below.

I think it will find a home in my living room. I only wish that curtains, rugs or sheets had made it into the collection, I have been longing for living room curtains sewn out of this Liberty print for a long time now. Sigh someday!


  1. Isn't the collection awesome??? I went on line and almost everything is out of stock already.


  2. LeAnn,
    Thanks for the feed back. I am so loving the Liberty stuff. I snuck off to a Target that is less popular and was able to pick up a few other goodies! I hope you are able to get a few things.


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