Monday, May 13, 2013

Inspire: May

Find: With yard sale season upon us these hints for vintage/thrift shopping might come in handy.

Dress: Check out these stylish ladies, they were way ahead on the Emerald trend.

Watch: Are you going to watch The Office finale this week? Get ready for the end with this list of 20 things the show taught us.

Decorate: This office makeover has me so inspired to make May "finish the office" month.

Travel: I am totally obsessed with vintage camper trailers right now (okay all the time), can't get enough!

Read: Have you checked out the new online mag Emma Magazine? I'm diggin' it.

Live: I'm not there yet, but I'm really hoping to put a get up early plan into place and these getting up early tips for night owls are going to play a big part in getting me ready to do it. 


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